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 A new sensation coming to a cooking site near you, if you’ve yet to see it already, is the idea of overnight oats. These breakfast, or anytime snack, recipes focus on uncooked and soaked oatmeal, with any number of delicious extra ingredients. The idea is simple and the results are delicious. If you’re looking for another great breakfast treat that can be made before and enjoyed on the go, consider learning more about Overnight Oats today as Great Harvest in Medford would like to share some of our favorite recipe ideas with you.

The basic ingredients are simple:
  1. Rolled Oats
  2. Equal amount of liquid
  3. Spices, sweeteners, fruit
  4. Layer and store in glass jar for at least three hours to overnight
  5. Add other ingredients you’d like before you eat it
Now for a few specific recipes:
Chocolate and Banana Overnight Oats
Ingredients for making one jar, double if you want to make two

  1. ½ of a thinly sliced ripe banana
  2. ½ cup of rolled oats
  3. 1 tablespoon of wheat-if you do not have this you can leave out this step
  4. 1 tablespoon of chia seeds
  5. 1 tablespoon of millet or regular flour
  6. 1 tablespoon of pure cocoa powder
  7. 1 cup of boiling water
  8. ¼ cup of milk (soy, almond, or regular)
  9. bananas or nuts to garnish
*If you do not have or do not wish to use cocoa powder you can always use chocolate soy milk instead. The taste will be a bit lighter, but still delicious.

  1. Bring your 1 cup of water to a boil
  2. Mix all of the ingredients in, other than the milk
  3. Add the boiling water and stir
  4. Put the contents in a jar, seal, and leave overnight
  5. In the morning you will add the ¼ cup of liquid you’ve chosen
  6. Stir and add nuts of extra bananas
Next, how about trying a delicious combination of Vanilla and Orange Overnight Oats.
  • 1 ¾ cup of rolled oats
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • 1 ¾ cup of orange juice
  • ½ cup of sunflower or pumpkin seeds
  • 1 cup of fresh water to soak the oats
  • 4 tablespoons of lightly toasted, shredded coconut or more nuts
  • Fresh fruit
  1. In a mixing bowl, pour the oats and vanilla
  2. Squeeze oranges and add fresh orange juice 
  3. Put the seeds into a separate bowl and cover those with water
  4. Leave these containers in the refrigerator overnight
  5. In the morning remove the seeds from the water and put them into 4 jars 
  6. Pour soaked oats onto the seeds
  7. Add fresh fruit and coconut, should you desire

Remember that there are a plethora of other recipes out there for you, should you try these and enjoy them. You can also come up with your own ingredients based on your particular tastes. Just follow the general structure provided above and you will be fine. Remember that Great Harvest also has some wonderful breakfast options, should you be in the mood for something even easier in the morning. We bake our breads and sweets fresh for our customers daily. So remember, for the best bread in Medford, be sure to come see us or give us a call at (541) 245-3310.
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